Kansas City Chiefs: Is Patrick Mahomes taking over soon?

You wouldn’t think a team that finished 10-6 and a playoff berth would be considering a change at quarterback next season. However, that’s exactly what rumors surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs are suggesting.

No one would blame the Chiefs if they decide to move on from Alex Smith. While he had arguably the best season of his career, he may have played for a job next season. Even after the productive season, it’s not Alex Smith’s fault should the team decide to move on. With the young talent they have, the Chiefs would be wise to groom Mahomes to be their guy sooner than later. If they can get him on the field building chemistry early, the Chiefs could have stars in place for years to come. Moving on from Alex Smith should Mahomes have the talent they hope would give the team a little flexibility to spend in other areas.


The Chiefs only put Mahomes on the field one game this season due to an injury to Smith. He’d go on to throw for 22 of 35 on passes for 284 yards and 1 interception. While the lack of touchdowns might jump out at fans, the young quarterback isn’t to blame. The Chiefs have a well-balanced attack of both run and passing games and can afford to take some of the pressure of the rookie. The team is designed well enough that another quarterback can step in and be successful. The only thing Patrick Mahomes would have to do is find timing and chemistry with players who have already shown off their explosive play making abilities.

It may have taken Alex Smith this long to finally have a break out year but in 2017 he looked like the real deal. By having a career year and plenty of teams in need he might’ve increased his stock. There are plenty of teams with talent that can match the Kansas City Chiefs but are struggling to find consistency at quarterback. While Smith is often labeled as a game manager, 2017 proved he can do more than that. Throw in the fact that even if he is just a “game manager” fans shouldn’t be scared off. Alex Smith has pulled his win average back from the brink after some pretty bad seasons in San Francisco and now has won 23 more games than he’s lost(.573). Smith might not be in the conversation for the all-time greatest but he’s quietly made a career out of winning football games. If there are teams out there looking to bridge the gap between Smith and the future of the team, the Chiefs would be smart to listen to offers. Even though the draft is deep, someone might be willing to over pay to give their rookie time to grow. The Chiefs hold all the cards and Alex Smith might be the benefactor.[RickTwitter]

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