Houston Texans: Time to build a bruiser defense

Having found their future franchise quarterback in DaShaun Watson, its time the Houston Texans get back to what they know best, defense. Sure, they could use a few gap fillers along their offensive line to protect Watson after a season ending injury, but the majority of their offseason should focus on the one side of the football they know too well. Watson proved he was the real deal for the Texans and they have some talent on the offensive side of the football, but their foundation should be a bruising defense.


With corner-stone players like JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney, now would be the time to spend on defense. The offense has some young talent in a hold pattern until their big pay days come and since defense wins championships they need all their pieces in place. Clowney is in line for a big payday and Watt is coming back off yet another injury, but if the team wants to compete in the future, these two players need to be their transition guys.

Not only do they have solid play along the line and linebacker positions but the duo accounts for most of the team’s game changing plays. If the Texans can go out and get those kinds of playmakers in their defensive back positions, it will be harder for the growing AFC South to score on the Texans. No team in their division should be considered a powerhouse offense but plenty of them have stout defenses. The Texans can’t afford to fall behind the curve. Whether it comes via free agency or they draft a young game changer the Houston Texans should be thinking defense all the way.

With DaShaun Watson coming back, it should give the Houston Texans the boost they need on offense. His explosive play and ability to score points in bunches help turn around their offense quick. He’s got the size, speed, and talent to carry the offense through rougher games against tough defenses. Now the Texans need one of their own. I can see them adding a receiver or an extra running back as yet another weapon, but building their pass rushers and corners will be a top priority.[RickTwitter]

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