Washington Redskins: Is letting Kirk Cousins go smart?

The Washington Redskins have had Kirk Cousins on the hook for years. They think he’s good enough to start but apparently not good enough to sign to a long-term deal. Cousins will be 30 when week one rolls around. From there the Redskins have veteran journeyman Colt McCoy who is 31 and Stephen Morris, 25, under a futures contract. Other than that, their options are limited.


Washington could be playing a deadly game with their future of they decide to let cousins walk.  With $52 million of wiggle room the team has some money to spend. However, Cousins might have been screwed out of a bigger pay day. Quarterbacks are playing well into their 30s, unless they’re Tom Brady the decline starts about mid way through. The Redskins might be comfortable with a three-year deal taking the quarterback through his 34th birthday and he’s steadily increased his performance over the past three seasons. Cousins as been no worse than Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill who was rewarded with a long-term deal but apparently Washington still isn’t comfortable with a long-term deal.

If they do let Kirk Cousins go, it’ll probably be the biggest mistake in their franchise history. Maybe they feel they can get one of the free agent veteran quarterbacks to hit the market for cheaper, but that with the market flooded with need they won’t come much cheaper. Where is the logic in signing a quarterback who’s the same age as Cousins who doesn’t know the playbook and would be starting over with chemistry with his receiving unit. The Redskins need to pay the 1-2 million more and try to persuade a team friendly deal laced with incentives to get him back under contract.

Even if they decide to draft a quarterback in this year’s deep NFL draft, they’re still a year or two behind to develop the rookie when they could compete now. Their problem isn’t at quarterback, their problem has been questionable contact decisions. If they would’ve worked out a long-term deal with Cousins a few years back, he could be working at the tail end of his deal now, they could draft a younger replacement now, building and developing while Cousins kept the team afloat. However, by trying to save money here and there, and not getting a long-term deal done they may have handcuffed themselves in an offseason where they could’ve had the most freedom. The Washington Redskins could compete this year with Kirk Cousins under center, but they put themselves between a rock and a hard place and now face a tough offseason decision.[RickTwitter]

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