Washington Redskins: Goodbye Kirk Cousins, Hello Alex Smith

The fans of the Washington Redskins fans are counting down the days. The days in which they will no longer have their star QB, Kirk Cousins. Now that day has come. It comes by the way of Alex Smith. For many of these fans, this will come as a welcome sight. For the diehard Redskins fan, however, it’s starting over. Furthermore, it seems as though the Redskins now have a plan for dealing with Cousins and his contract. Here is how.

Reports surfaced on Tuesday that the Washington Redskins have traded for QB Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs. Per Ian Rapoport, the deal is to include a player (CB Kendall Fuller) and a 2018 third round pick.

Minutes after the news of the trade broke, Smith signed a 4-year contract extension with the Redskins. The contract will pay Smith $23.5 Million a season with approximately $70 million in guarantees per Adam Schefter.

This most definitely signals the end of the Kirk Cousins era with the Washington Redskins. Hence, an era that was successful in many ways. Additionally, Cousins set multiple franchise records and led the Redskins to a playoff appearance. He also led the Redskins to back-to-back winning seasons. The team was one game away from a third consecutive winning season.

Alex Smith has led the Chiefs to back-to-back AFC West titles. Since the Chiefs traded for Smith in 2013, the team has been to the playoffs 3 times. In fact, Smith has thrown for 17,608 yards, 102 TDs, and 33 INTs. Thus, he takes care of the football.

While this may be the end of Cousins with the Washington Redskins, it is just the beginning of speculating where he will end up. No matter where he does, expect him to be PAID. Cousins will be the top free agent in this year’s market. A market that is set to open on March 14.

There are several teams in play for the services of Cousins. Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and Denver Broncos to name a few. Denver is said to be making a big run at the former Redskins QB.

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