Super Bowl LII: Top Commercials to Watch

Super Bowl LII is five days away. It will feature the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. However, it will also feature a look at the new advertisements from several companies. Whether your team is in the big game or not, many will watch for the commercials themselves. So let us look at some of the bigger companies and what to expect.


This past football season Bud Light brought us the “Dilly, Dilly” campaign. While Anheuser Busch may very well keep that going, they have also tipped the scales to another area. Anheuser Busch and Budweiser wanted to show the world their humanitarian efforts. So this year they are running a commercial on their canned water campaign. Here is an early look at the ad.

Mars Candy

Super Bowl LII fans will see its fair share of celebrities. One sighting should come when Mars airs their spot for M&M’s. In fact, our friend the Red M&M is tired of being the target of partier’s mouths. Thus, he wants to become human. Red becomes a human played by Danny DeVito.


The car company is the Official Sponsor of Super Bowl LII. This year’s spot for the brand is to be a follow-up to their spot last year. Above all, that won the company the Most Effective Ad Award by Unruly. This year the ad may touch the hearts of a few. The focus is on pediatric cancer. Below is a teaser.

Pepsi Co

The company will try to use a format from one of the hottest shows on TV, Lip Sync Battle. The spot will feature Peter Dinklage and Busta Rhymes on team Doritos Blaze. They will face Morgan Freeman and Missy Elliot who will represent team Mountain Dew Ice.

Pepsi is also featuring a remake of the 1992 Cindy Crawford spot. However, this year’s take expects to be a little more G-rated. Below is a tease.


The online shopping company is playing a spot with their voice-activated Alexa. In fact, what would you do if your Alexa lost her voice?

In addition, here are some of the companies that have decided not to run an ad during Super Bowl LII.

Clorox – “We’ll always respond to the cultural conversation and the brands we think are right, but we have nothing planned for any paid media around the event. For us, when we look at how we want to invest the money and where we think it is, we always contemplate that choice.” Eric Reynolds Clorox CMO and Senior VP.

Buick – “We will not have a Super Bowl ad. We’re focusing on our sponsorship of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (March Madness).” Per company spokesperson

Others include Google, YouTube, and GoDaddy.

Additionally, a 30-second spot for Super Bowl LII cost a company nearly $5 million dollars.

So, what will be your favorite commercial in Super Bowl LII? Will it be any of the ones listed? Leave a comment below.

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