Philadelphia Eagles: Yes they can beat the New England Patriots

Less than a week until the Super Bowl and fans and analysts alike are asking “Can the Philadelphia Eagles really beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots?”. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl in the history of the team and are facing the winningest quarterback in Super Bowl history. Luck is not on their side.


Last year’s Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons proved just how remarkable the Patriots are on the big stage. It hasn’t been since the Boston Redsox came back from being down 3-1 against the Yankees has a team from Massachusetts seen such a great comeback. However, Eagles fans have nothing to fear. They’ve been the underdog all season long and have proved people wrong just as often. Now they’ll face the biggest test of the season, but its not an impossible task. The New England Patriots can be beat.

So how do the Philadelphia Eagles cement their place in history?

First thing the Eagles have to do is hold a grudge. The last time the team had a season this successful their run Super Bowl fame was ended by these same New England Patriots back in Super Bowl 39. Donovan McNabb had arguably one of the best seasons of his career this season but crumbled under the pressure of playing the Pats. One of the biggest blunders in Super Bowl history was Andy Reid and his clock management towards the end of the game sealing a victory for Brady.

Speaking of clock management, the Eagles need to be wise. Whether they’re up 3 points or 30 points, teams have proven controlling the clock with a lead doesn’t work. If the Eagles want to win this game, they have to bring the hammer down. Take a lesson from the Atlanta Falcons last year or the Jacksonville Jaguars this year do not let up. Any time a team switches to a conservative defense it has been their downfall. Staying aggressive is the key to putting the Patriots away.

Another way to learn from team’s past mistakes is the prevent defense. Backing off receivers giving them room to run down field is a mistake. How many times can a pass interference call flag drop before teams start bump-and-run as a way to throw off Brady’s rhythm? With one of the quickest releases in football and the speedy receivers to beat you deep. So why let them beat you with penalties on deep balls and quick slants. Bump the receivers off the line and bring the pressure to get in Brady’s head. The Miami Dolphins often split the series with the Pats because defenders like Cameron Wake are in the backfield all game. Take a page from their book.

Last but not least the Philadelphia Eagles need to continue to dominate the run game. The Dolphins may have given the Eagles the missing piece to defeat the Patriots when they traded Jay Ajayi. If Ajayi holds any kind of grudge against his former AFC East rivals the Eagles should go to him early and often. Ajayi has burned the Pats before and with the weapons the Philadelphia has, he can do the same again.

The Eagles may be the underdogs this game, but they have all the necessary means to stop New England. Their first championship will be much sweeter than Tom Brady’s six. #FlyEaglesfly.[RickTwitter]

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