New York Giants: Is Eli Manning on borrowed time?

New York Giants fans saw their worst season in some time in 2017. The team finished with a 3-13 record and losing games wasn’t the worst of their fortunes. The Giants lost player after player, receiver after receiver all season long. With such an awful season, the front office would be forced to make a drastic move and firing head coach Ben McAdoo. While the team’s misfortune might not fall all the way on McAdoo, he did very little to help. Fans were outraged to learned he’d bench two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning ending his career start streak.


Manning would go on to say he didn’t care for the streak that it was all about finding wins. However, the level of disrespect to bench Manning for a journeyman quarterback who struggled his whole career highlighted the team’s dysfunction. Eli Manning wasn’t the victim in the scenario and struggled all season himself but was far from the biggest offender. With rumors swirling last season that the Giants were ready to move on from Manning, the team’s confidence now 37 year-old quarterback.

Put the vote of confidence aside, the team can’t help but ask if their star quarterback is on borrowed time. At 37 Manning is no longer in his prime. He’s showed signs of still being able to win football games but has struggled as often. Even if Eli Manning still has gas left in the tank to perform at a high level, how soon does the team prepare for life after Manning? His brother Peyton Manning showed no signs of slowing down at 38 years-old but looked every bit of 40 when his calendar rolled over at 39.

Geno Smith who ended Manning’s start streak is only 27, but has shown no signs of leading an NFL franchise. The team has toyed with finding Manning’s replacement as far back as drafting Ryan Nassib, they’d even go on to draft Davis Webb last season hoping he’d be the next franchise quarterback. With this year being the deepest quarterback draft the league has seen in some time, it might be wise for the New York Giants to draft another quarterback in the middle of the draft. The team doesn’t need to go out and spend first round money on a quarterback, but one in the second or third to push Webb as a back up can only strengthen their cause. Too many teams invest 2-4 years in a quarterback before deciding to replace him. If Eli Manning can’t come back and play at a high level with the talent they have, the Giants would be mistaken to not have competition for his replacement.[RickTwitter]

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