Los Angeles Rams: Maybe Jeff Fisher really was the problem

Looking back on some really bad seasons, Los Angeles Rams fans know where to point the finger, Jeff Fisher. The failed experiment at head coach set the Rams back a few years and Fisher would go on to become the losing-est coach in NFL history. The team would have some of the worst seasons but show so much potential year after year.


Its not the new city that gave the team the boost they needed. Poor choices from their head coach kept the Rams treading water of mediocrity. Nick Foles is leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl was cast out by the Rams for not being able to get the job done. The Eagles have a real shot to beat the New England Patriots in the big game surely leading teams to scramble to sign Foles to starter money. So how come he couldn’t get the job done with the Rams. Todd Gurley who came out as a rookie and looked like the real deal, struggled to excel after his first season with the Rams. Now the young running back looked like his old self again.

Other teams can learn from the Los Angeles Rams and their change of fortune. Having a head coach who can change the culture and push a team to a mentality of winning is the most undervalued commodities in the NFL. Even the Miami Dolphins turned around their first season under Adam Gase. The team would go from a former player saying “no one wants to play for Miami’ to the guys who are they wanting to come back and compete and build a dynasty.

In just one season under Sean McVay the Rams turned up the volume and finally lived up to their potential. With an 11-5 season, a playoff appearance, and a real shot at the Super Bowl this season, the Los Angeles Rams and their fans have a lot of hope for the future. Lesson of the day to teams with losing traditions, turn over every stone to find the guy who can motivate your team. Don’t go with the most flashy name on the market, do your homework, but don’t wait too long and miss out. Franchises have set themselves back years by throwing big money at coaches who were propped up by their coordinators. Don’t waste good years in young talents lives by falling for a smoke and mirrors coach.[RickTwitter]

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