Dallas Cowboys: Is it Super Bowl or Bust for Jason Garrett next season?

Few teams could match the level of play the Dallas Cowboys showed off 2 seasons ago. Last season their fans were hit with a wakeup call when star running back Ezekiel Elliot was suspended leaving Dak Prescott without a solid run game. Even with the duos exciting rookie season, the Dallas Cowboys fell short of the Super Bowl. The team has had some of the most talented players come through their stadium doors and hasn’t been able to put together the right combination of stars. At this point in his head coaching career all fingers have to point to Jason Garrett.


Garrett has to be the longest coach to be employed by a team who is barely over .500 in his career. The Cowboys have done everything to give him pieces to win, they’ve brought in coaches to help him succeed, and spent money where they needed to spend. At least if he’s nothing else, he’s consistent. After three consecutive seasons of 8-8, he’d finally break out of his slump leading the team to a 12-4 record. With a season like that surely he was on his way out of mediocrity, right? Nope, the Cowboys would follow up that season with a 4-12 keeping his 50/50 streak alive. Even last season, the Cowboys were one game away from a fourth 8-8 season under Garrett.

We’ve heard every excuse for Jason Garrett that fans could come up with but after eight seasons the Dallas Cowboys have only made the playoffs twice. When Garrett did get them too the playoffs, he failed to get them over the hump winning just one of three games. Blame Tony Romo all you want but the Cowboys didn’t fair much better with Dak Prescott either. Remember him? He’s the guy Cowboys fans claim was the real deal after his rookie season. Whether or not that proves to be true, without a strong coach he’ll never enjoy more success than Romo.

If the Dallas Cowboys ever want to win another championship, they need to end this love affair with Jason Garrett. He’s the coaches version of Andy Dalton, plenty of talent to keep hope alive  but ultimately leaves you waiting for him to break out. The Cowboys are in one of the most competitive divisions in football and can’t afford to keep finishing with less than 10 wins a season. For whatever reason, Jerry Jones keeps pushing all in with Garrett and the rest of the NFC East continues to call his bluff.[RickTwitter]

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