Buffalo Bills: Biggest questions after ending their playoff drought

Can you believe it? The Buffalo Bills made the playoffs just shy of their drought being legally allowed to vote. Now they’re facing down an offseason of big decisions. What do they do with Tyrod Taylor? Is it time to move on from LeSean McCoy? How do they get over the 9-7 season and build a stronger team for next season? Do they focus on offense or defense first?


Head coach Sean McDermott might have set the bar pretty high with the Bills first playoff appearance in 17 season, and they still have to deal with those pesky New England Patriots next season. Now they have to ask themselves if Tyrod Taylor is the answer going forward or do they try to draft his replacement for this season? Taylor has had some flashes of talent and then some not so pretty games. The Bills shouldn’t try and sign a veteran with an able-bodied quarterback already on the team. Even if Taylor does in fact return as their starter, the Bills can afford to draft a quarterback early on.

With the Bills trading back in last year’s NFL draft they set themselves up with back to back picks at 21 and 22 in the first round. Now surely they won’t pick back to back and use one of those picks to trade down, but if they do two first round talents at wide receiver and quarterback might be an interesting combination. They could easily have an instant playmaker who’d step in to help the offense and their quarterback to groom to be Tyrod’s replacement. Luckily for them, even if they use one pick to trade down out of the first round, the NFL draft is deep at quarterback and could pick up an extra pick or two by opting to pick in the second round.

Now the real question is can they or should they move on from LeSean McCoy? No Buffalo Bills fan wants to think of the days after Shady but with him approaching 30, he might be nearing the end of his time as a Bill. While he still has plenty of gas left in the tank, the cold Buffalo air has done some wear and tear. McCoy hasn’t been without injuries in his career and could increase his longevity by going south. The Bills are no stranger from moving on from talented running backs either. After arguably one of the best seasons of his career in 2003, the Bills would cut Fred Jackson in order for a younger healthier option. Now with the team building for the future and LeSean McCoy still having productive seasons, can the Bills obtain valuable picks to start their youth movement and grow beyond their solid foundation?

The Buffalo Bills have the pieces they need to turn their franchise around. After moving on from a few of their talented players last season it was thought they’d be in rebuild mode. However, Sean McDermott wanted no part of that talk and quickly kept the team afloat. Now they stand on the cusp of being competitors they need to make smart moves to let the right players go. It’s time to shed large contracts with cheaper alternatives, draft players who can come in and make an immediate impact, and find a few diamonds in the rough via free agency. An offseason of crucial moves might make or break their run at the New England Patriots.[RickTwitter]

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