Atypical Season 2: Paige Giving Sam A Second Chance Is The Right Call

Paige should definitely give Sam another chance. The Atypical finale showed us that she is indeed willing to try to forgo the Olive Garden disaster, and focus on the present and not the past. It’s something she had to think long and hard about, but the right decision was made.

Sam isn’t your typical teenage boy. His autism prevents him from seeing or experiencing things like a normal teen. He doesn’t get social cues and can be clueless when it comes to women. Paige understood all of that and was a supporting factor in his happiness during Season 1.


On the other end, Sam, while grateful for Paige’s companionship, never really understood how much he cared for her. His on again, off again feelings for his psych, Julia, complicated things for him and clouded his judgment. While Sam thought she was the one for him, he pushed Paige away.

In the end, Paige and Sam came to an agreement. When Sam was ready to date, he’d let Paige know. The two agreed to stay close. So close, in fact, the two had a very intimate moment in an igloo at the Winter Formal. It says a lot about Paige too, as she could have easily dismissed Sam.

Paige didn’t have to take Sam back, or even be his friend. He embarrassed her at a family dinner. Sam’s brutal honesty displayed his true feelings for Paige. She let her emotions known on his front lawn, throwing around all of his stuff and cutting a stuffed penguin she was going to give him. This is why it was so surprising Paige took him back.

Sam faces a lot of issues in Season 2 of Atypical. With Paige still in the picture, his love life will be something to keep in mind. He’s still a bit on the uneasy side on the topic of girls, but there’s been so much improvement on his end. It’s safe to say the boyfriend/girlfriend conversation will come up between the two at some point next season.

In the end, Paige made the right decision by giving Sam another chance. It’s hard for him to understand his feelings. If anyone aside from Sam’s family gets that, it’s Paige. She’s a good girl for him. Sam needs to realize that as well.


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