Pittsburgh Steelers: Can a Lawrence Timmons reunion be on the horizon?

Lawrence Timmons played his entire NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was one of the more dominant players on defense in his 10 years in black and yellow. Timmons would go on to seek a better pay-day choosing to hit the open market. Plenty of teams came calling but ultimately he would end up choosing the Miami Dolphins. Signing a two-year contract with the Dolphins he would instantly become a starter on a team who was searching for consistency out of the middle of their defense.


Something would change in Timmons’ mind and he’d go AWOL before the team’s first regular season match up. Long before the 6-10 finish the team had to struggle through, the train was already off the track. When quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down the Dolphins promising season quickly faded. Then of course there was Hurricane Irma that would postpone the team’s week 1 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers til week 11. Losing the bye week is probably what did Timmons in. Going from a promising contender to a team up in the air is tough. Combine that with missing your family from June OTAs until the end of the regular season in January takes a mental toll.

While a player abandoning a team would instantly be a red flag on bringing him back, the Pittsburgh Steelers would have nothing to worry about. Playing back home around friends and family is sure to remedy his homesickness. On top of that, Timmons would go on to have a productive season with the Dolphins. Who knows, maybe the Dolphins want him to play out his contract with the team. With Adam Gase being a no-nonsense kind of coach, he’s stated many times he doesn’t want anyone who doesn’t want to be there so a return to Pittsburgh is possible.

The Pittsburgh Steelers might not even have a choice to bring him back. While the Steelers defense wasn’t terrible, they’re not the hard-hitting bruisers like back in the days of Troy Polamalu and Joey Porter. The Steelers used to have a mean streak that may have been softened by the league’s focus on safety, but Lawrence Timmons could fill out some depth replacing former team-mate James Harrison on the roster. At 31 Timmons could potentially have five good seasons left. If the Steelers are looking for a stone to turn over, looking no further than Lawrence Timmons might be a start. [RickTwitter]

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