NXT: Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas Made Himself A Lot Of Money In Philadelphia

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas made himself a lot of money at NXT Takeover Philadelphia. Having him win the NXT title baffled many, and rightfully so. He was an incredibly unexpected champ. However, he backed up his title reign with a match for the ages against Johnny Gargano.

Ever since NXT gave Almas the help of Zelina Vega, the character has taken off. More often than not they take the valet in professional wrestling for granted, but not here. Vega has been the catalyst for the amazing run Almas is on now.

Although, it’s not just Vega who should be taking the credit. Almas has had some great matches in NXT. His most recent against Johnny Gargano was one of the best matches of the last decade. His wrestling has really been nothing short of spectacular.

Nobody thought at the onset of Andrade’s NXT career that he’d be champ. After spending time in New Japan and CMLL, his road to WWE has been a long one. Still, it’s been well worth the wait. And I guess the question is, “what’s next?”


We know Ricochet is lurking around the NXT locker room. There’s also the potential for a Gargano/LaRae vs. Almas/Vega match, assuming Ciampa isn’t healthy enough to enter a feud with Gargano first. There’s the option of making Almas a face and having him face Adam Cole. Or, keeping him as a heel for a match against Aleister Black.

It’s pretty safe to say Almas will make the main roster soon, possibly 205 Live. He’s still got so much to do in NXT, though. There are matches for him to still have. Nonetheless, after NXT Takeover Philadelphia, there’s really nowhere to go but up. His match proved that he’s indeed ready wrestling wise to start his ascent to the main roster.

Before the match against Gargano in Philadelphia, Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas wasn’t a very well thought of champ. Now, he’s the hottest act outside of Johnny Gargano. There’s really no denying how good Almas really is. He just elevated himself to main event status.


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