Miami Dolphins: Can they afford Jarvis Landry and find playmakers?

No one wants to see Jarvis Landry leave the Miami Dolphins. He’s one of their most exciting players to watch, he could be the future of the franchise, and he continues to perform at a high level. However there’s a very real possibility that Landry might not suit up for the Dolphins next season. No matter what you read in the news about which side is playing passing blame, the truth is it all comes down to money. It’s a business move for the team and a career move for Landry. If either side reaches too far it could lead to an exit.


So what happens if Miami misses their opportunity with Landry?

Worst case scenario there’s always this year’s NFL draft to replace talent. Unfortunately for the Miami Dolphins, there might not be a player as dynamic as Jarvis Landry in this year’s draft. If they do the unthinkable and let one of their stars walk, then the team needs to hit the free agent market hard with the money that would have gone to Landry. Too bad for them, they can’t afford to gamble on a maybe player. To lose out on a player with that skill set, the Dolphins wouldn’t be able to swap a star for another. In order to settle their fan base, the team would need to instantly replace Landry with two immediate impact playmakers who can come in and change the tone of football games. Even money doesn’t pull them back from the brink of a 6-10 disaster.

Lucky for them, the team has a few holes to fill. The defense had its bright spots last season but struggled with consistency as the season wore on. One of the biggest areas of concern yet again is the linebacker position. Linebacker Raekwon McMillian and Kiko Alonso will be back, but starter Lawrence Timmons may have left his heart in Pittsburgh. He could get his wish to this offseason if cut. The Steelers went on to cut long time favorite James Harrison and could have an opening.

Another position Miami thought they had changed their fortunes with is tight end. Julius Thomas didn’t live up to expectations and Anthony Fasano never fell into a groove. Now they’ll be searching yet again for a tight end this offseason. Dolphin fans have to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day ignoring the same positions year after year. The team seems to focus on upgrading receivers, running backs, defensive backs, and defensive lineman, that’s it. Four positions have been invested heavily for far too long. If the Miami Dolphins want to be successful, they need to build the players around these positions to strengthen their chance at development The more players creating opportunities , the better shot at winning the team will have.

Jarvis Landry deserves to get paid what he’s owed. He wants to be a member of the Miami Dolphins and the team would love to have him back. However the NFL is a business and good players move on to different teams all the time. If Landry doesn’t end up back in Miami and the team doesn’t find two great players in return then maybe the Dolphins have no business in the NFL.[RickTwitter]

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