Frontier: Did Michael Smyth Cost The Black Wolf Company?

Did Michael Smyth make the right decision agreeing to sell the stolen pelts to Grant? It’s one of the Season 2 cliffhangers on Frontier, and one of its biggest storylines. Without Declan Harp, the young thief had to act quickly. What does his decision mean for the Black Wolf Company?

With Harp not in the picture, Smyth made the bold decision to sell the pelts to Pond and Grant. Against the wishes of Sokanon, he went against the plan set by Harp and sold to ruthless Pond despite negotiating with Caruthers (who died at the hands of Grant) or Douglas and Malcolm Brown.

Harp cannot take this lightly. Even though he’s got his own set of circumstances to worry about, he’ll be furious to learn of Michael’s decision. After all that work to steal the pelts only to have the deal foiled.

It was a tough situation for Michael to face though. Pond and Grant were willing to offer him big money for the stolen pelts. Still, the deal was to sell to Caruthers. With her out of the picture and the East India Trading Company on their backs, there was no other option for Michael to make.

This move obviously makes Grant the top pelt buyer in the North. It weakens the Brown Brothers and Josephette’s business. Grant has made some questionable decisions in Season 2. He’s a cunning and ruthless individual that will stop at nothing to get himself ahead.

This also puts Michael on the outs with the Black Wolf Company. He’s now an outsider to them. Who knows what he’ll do from here. Harp is somewhat out of the picture. However, you can expect that Harp is upset over Michael’s betrayal.

Michael Smyth did what he had to do. He stole the pelts. With Caruthers out of the picture, and nowhere left to run, he made the decision that best benefited him at the time. Whether or not Michael made the right decision will be thought about until the Season 3 premiere of Frontier. Although, I firmly believe he did.


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