Minnesota Vikings: Are they the next New England Patriots?

With their recent slew of success, the Minnesota Vikings are one of the few teams not needing to draft a quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft. With the success of Case Keenum getting them to the NFC championship game the team looks to have found their guy. Unfortunately, the team had 3 potential starters at the end of the season with Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater. None of those three are under contract next season


For most fans that would cause a panic. Obviously the team at least will bring back at least one of those 3, but the question is who. The Vikings have the best problem to have going into the offseason. While fans might have a favorite of who they want to return the team has an interesting decision to make, one that could drastically change the future of the team. However there’s a silver lining. The Minnesota Vikings teeter dangerously close to New England Patriots territory where the talent on the field allows them to plug the next man up in at quarterback and will have similar success.

While Teddy Bridgewater enjoyed success with the Vikings to start, both Case Keenum and Sam Bradford appeared to be nothing more than journeymen before landing in Vikings uniforms. If not for injuries, Bradford’s success had him in line to be the future of the franchise. When he went down Keenum stepped up and the team didn’t seem to miss a beat. Fans might be calling for the team to move on from Keenum after the team’s showing in the NFC championship, but quickly forget how much was spent defeating a tough New Orléans Saints team. No matter who the Vikings bring back, quarterback won’t be an issue going forward. So who does the team bring back?

Whether they flip a coin, roll a die, or throw darts at a board the Vikings have room to gamble. With that being said their freedom also puts them in position to need a quarterback in the middle rounds of the draft. While they’d like to bring back one of the three to be a starter and another to be his back up should something go wrong again, their success is also their curse. Other teams will be looking at the success of these three quarterbacks as a way to rebuild struggling offenses. With the amount of money invested into good quarterbacks, teams will jump at the chance to steal one away from Minnesota.

Even if they only bring one quarterback of the bunch back, the team still has rookie back up Kyle Sloter stashed away as a player to develop. The team has the option to go out and get a veteran to step in and take the backup role while developing Sloter, falling just short of the Super Bowl they might invest their money elsewhere since a decent chunk will be invested in their starter. However, the power favors them in negotiations. If they’re comfortable rolling out with any of these three, the Vikings can strong arm their way into a team friendly contract. Talent isn’t scarce, if the Minnesota Vikings play their cards right they could easily build a foundation that rivals the New England Patriots.[RickTwitter]

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