Jacksonville Jaguars: Blake Bortles has earned his spot

If anyone would have told you the Jacksonville Jaguars would be playing the New England Patriots for a chance to play in the Super Bowl to start this season you would have laughed in their face. As fate would have it, that’s exactly what happened this season. Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone brought their previous success down to Jacksonville with them last offseason and turn the Jaguars into a relevant team.


The Jags were top 5 in points this season and had a young hungry defense that stole games from teams throughout the season. You would think that a 10-6 season and being a game away from the Super Bowl, fans wouldn’t be calling for a new quarterback next season. Blake Bortles has to be one of the more under appreciated quarterbacks in the league this season. Fans have watched him struggle for years, but this season he proved that lack of quality coaching has doomed his career.

While Bortles wasn’t perfect, he didn’t have to be. The Jacksonville Jaguars had a defense that could afford a few mistakes from their quarterback. However, more often than not, Bortles didn’t make those same mistakes. He played with heart, determination, and drive and yet fans are still calling for a change of quarterback because he lost to a future Hall of Fame quarterback, Tom Brady. If teams got rid of a quarterback every time they lost to Brady, punters would be throwing the ball because there’d be no QBs left. It’s a shame for a quarterback to finally have success and people to still claim “If the Jags had a better quarterback they’d be in the Super Bowl right now.” In all reality, one tremendous play on defense kept the Jaguars from the big game.

After matching Tom Brady statistically all game, all Blake Bortles needed was the perfect pass. He stepped up, fired the football, and unfortunately for Jags fans it was the perfect pass but it was met by perfect defense. Now fans want to start over again with yet another rookie quarterback. Haven’t you all learned from the past. You can’t go resetting your team every 2-3 years and hope to be successful. Hope is all you’ll have. Bortles had one heck of a season and lost to one of sports’ greatest dynasties. If this season didn’t earn your respect for Blake Bortles, good luck ever finding a quarterback you’ll be happy with.[RickTwitter]

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