Indianapolis Colts: Is Andrew Luck the next Daunte Culpepper?

When quarterback Peyton Manning went down years ago with a neck injury it left the Indianapolis Colts scrambling for a quarterback. Manning’s injury was believed to be career ending. Even if he was to come back, doctors had doubts that he’d ever play at a level needed to compete in the NFL. The Colts would take that news and decide to move on from their future Hall of Fame quarterback and draft Andrew Luck. Manning would go on to break records with the Denver Broncos and win them a Super Bowl, the Colts have been hitched to an often injured Luck.


With his health a constant issue, is it time for the Colts to start thinking life after Andrew Luck?

After his rookie season, Andrew Luck looked to be the answer. The team was on the verge of a playoff run and fans were thinking “Manning who?”. The team would go on to win 11 games in three consecutive seasons. Angry fans who were mad at the Colts for letting Peyton Manning go, quickly forgave the team and had a new favorite player under center. Luck was their quarterback of the future and the team was back on track.

2015 is where the trouble began. A shoulder injury would take Luck back down to Earth and set the Colts back again. He’d return later in the season but the damage had been done. He didn’t look as sharp as he did before and the Colts season would end in disappointment. The following season was a little better for him but again in the offseason he’d have surgery on his throwing shoulder.

Earlier this season, the troubled quarterback would have a very odd finish to his season. After having shoulder surgery it was thought he be ready to go multiple times throughout this season. The team pushed his first start back on multiple occasions after announcing he’d be back time after time. Luck would go on to end his season on injured reserve never suiting up for the Colts.

By now the Indianapolis Colts should be thinking of what to do with next season. Andrew Luck very well could return and be the player they thought he would. Or he could be the next Daunte Culpepper who’s injury derailed a promising career. Should the Colts decide to move on from the often injured quarterback, there’s no lack of teams that would be willing to make a trade based on his potential. The team traded for Jacoby Brissett in the middle of the season and he could be the gap to the future quarterback. The Colts need to consider offers for Luck even if they end up being offers. He carries the value that enough picks could change the team’s fortune going forward. With a deep draft quarterback class this year, they no longer have to hitch their wagon to an injured Colt.[RickTwitter]

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