Detroit Lions: A history of never doing enough

Is there any team in the NFL more tragic than the Detroit Lions? Even after finishing the season 9-7 you can’t help but feel they’re just missing something. They get so close to being a competitive football team and fall apart shortly after. However, it’s their own fault. The Lions were the first time in NFL to have a completely win-less season and they deserve it.


Throughout their history, the Detroit Lions have been the team who never fully committed to winning. They’ve never gone out and spent good money on game changing players, they’ve let their good players contracts expire to move on to better things, they’ve even let their star players retire before trading them so they can be on a winning team. The team seems more committed to owning a novelty than putting out a winning program. To have players like Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson who were arguably the best players at their position at different times in their career and doing nothing to maximize their potential is an insult to their fans.

Sure, they still hold contracts for star players that can help the team win but even now those players have to wonder if they’ll ever have enough to get over the hump. Each move the team has made doesn’t seem like one that will get them to the Super Bowl but rather one that appeases fans for the time being. They’ll sell a couple extra jerseys, more fans will come out to the games, and the team will make money just in time for their next star player to get frustrated. The Lions can’t continue to waste drafted talent who develops into stars and not winning football games. If they continue this pattern, it won’t be long before players no longer want to play there.

If the Detroit Lions want to be taken serious as a franchise its time to empty their wallets this offseason. They don’t need to sign players who are the biggest names on the market, they just need to sign the ones who will come in and make an immediate impact for the team. If they don’t bring the talent in, then careers will continue to be cut short in Detroit. Don’t just get a big name coach then wash your hands free of the team, spend in free agency and build for more than a one and done season.[RickTwitter]

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