WWE Royal Rumble: It is not the right time to break up the Bar

Since the WWE Royal Rumble has been around, we have seen teams break up or the seeds planted for teams to break up down the road. While they aren’t officially in the Rumble, I highly figure we will see Sheamus and Cesaro in the Royal Rumble match itself. It is worth noting that they will be in the RAW tag team match against Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan. Personally, that match will determine if we see them at all in the Rumble.


If they defeat Rollins and Jordan and capture the belts for the fourth time, I don’t see why they would be in the Rumble. However, stranger things have happened. Bleacher Report recently put out something saying it was the right time to break them up. I disagree with that for several reasons. It would do a ton of damage to the tag team division of RAW. As of this writing here is who you have in your tag division: Rollins/Jordan. The Bar, The Revival, Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews, Rhyno and Slater, and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

The top two teams are already in the tag title picture. The Revival first came back recently and due to their injury history, I doubt the WWE will ever put the straps on them. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are involved with Finn Balor in the reunion of the Club. The teams of Rhyno/Slater and O’Neil/Crews are not taken as serious teams. Thus, if you break the Bar up at the Rumble, you would have no team to become the top heel team. In addition, when Cesaro and Sheamus were singles, the WWE did nothing with them.

I know there have been rumblings that Sheamus may retire soon due to Spinal Stenosis. However, as long as he can still go, I would keep them together.


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