WWE: Balor Club vs. Bullet Club Just Makes Too Much Sense, And That’s Why We Will Never See It Happen

Wrestling fans need a Balor Club/Bullet Club showdown. It’s never going to happen (as long as Vince is around), but the thought of these two factions being featured in a program together should get the heart racing.

So we know this is all fantasy booking because there’s literally no chance in hell Vince McMahon allows Bullet Club or any other non-WWE affiliated promotion at his show. But what if it was real, and we did get Bullet Club vs. Balor Club? Imagine the feud that would be.

The Elite (Young Bucks and Omega) vs. Balor Club (Finn, Gallows, Anderson) would be an epic 5-star affair. The highlight of the match being the original leader of the Bullet Club against the current leader. And Gallows and Anderson haven’t faced the Young Bucks since joining Bullet Club and ultimately leaving for WWE.

In addition to having Balor Club, why not throw AJ Styles into the fray as well. We’ve seen the WWE tease the four of them together before. A Bullet Club hostile takeover would be the perfect time to team up for good. There’s also Undisputed Era, whose leader, Adam Cole, was once a member of Bullet Club.

The matches one could have. Adam Cole could continue his feud against Marty Scurll, Cody vs. Styles, or a 7 man tag featuring Team WWE, Gallows, Anderson, Finn, Styles, Cole, Fish, and O’Reily (And yes, I know Fish and O’Reilly haven’t been BC members, but they have had many encounters with them.) Vs. Team Bullet Club, Omega, Young Bucks, Scurll, Page, Cody and Tama Tonga. A match like this could be the biggest WWE would ever put on.

It’s for the reason I’m shocked Vince doesn’t pull the trigger on this. He’s got so much riding on big WrestleMania matches, this could be his big meal ticket. Possibly setting up well for next year’s Mania. Just imagine the hype this would get out of the wrestling world. Fans would absolutely eat this up.

It’s great to think about this on paper. But again, we all know it won’t happen. Such a shame because Vince is leaving a lot of money on the table by not going through with this. That’s on him though, and the fans are truly missing out on a lot because of it.

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