The Tick: What Can Be Done About The Terror’s Emergence From Hiding?

Now that The Terror has resurfaced, what does the rest of Season 1 hold for The Tick and Arthur? The two have gotten themselves deep into the evil crime lords plans, and there’s no coming back from it.

Arthur has been hot on the trail of The Terror. He was the one who ultimately convinced Overkill that the villain was still alive. After learning of the powers of the suit, Arthur knew of his impending return.

The Terror, who re-appeared at Ms. Lynt’s apartment, seems to be his same old self. He convinced Ms. Lynt to kill Ramses, as she will now run the crime ring in the city. This can’t be good news for Arthur, whose identity is known by her.

The end of the first half of Season 1 saw Arthur get abducted by an unknown assailant. It’s quite possible this could be one of the Terror’s henchman. Lynt or The Terror might have tracked him down, especially because the suit does have a tracker in it. It’s also possible that he was discovered because of the bus incident which was on tv.

The Tick, who was inside during Arthur’s abduction, will need to find his old chum. Although, Overkill and The Tick both know of the Terror’s hiding spot under the church. That might be where they go to save him. The Terror doesn’t want to kill Arthur, he just wants the suit to kill Superion.

With Arthur and Overkill being the only ones that know of The Terror’s plan to destroy Superion, the pressure to save the superhero and stop The Terror is on. I’d bet somehow his plans are foiled by The Tick. The Terror will be defeated. That’s not going to stop him from killing Superion though.

Can The Tick Stop The Terror?

It’s going to be The Tick and Arthur who become the world’s top superheroes. It just sets up perfectly for them to stop The Terror, and they become the saviors of the planet. Superion is as good as dead. We already saw him suffer a rare headache, a sure sign that the Terror has his right where he wants him.

Everything will be sorted out on the second half of the first season of The Tick. The new heroes will save the day and will be the toast of the town. That is until a new threat comes into play (possibly Overkill).

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