Scandal: Is Charlie Still Choking Rowan?

For the past two episodes of Scandal, Charlie has had his hands around the neck of Rowan Pope. It began at the end of “Robin” and lasted the entire episode of “Good People”. With Quinn presumed dead, Charlie went to Rowan’s house and asked to be let back into B613. Just as Rowan was telling Charlie to go home and think it over, Charlie heard the screams of a baby crying.

As Charlie raced up the flight of stairs, he saw a baby and instantly knew it was his. As Rowan entered the room, a fight broke out which resulted in Charlie on top of Rowan choking him. The following week, we were shown the same scene but then Scandal did one of their flashback episodes where we found out why Quinn was taken and how Charlie and Rowan got to that climatic point.

Call it a father’s instinct, but Charlie instantly knew that something was up.

But still, how long can one man actually choke another without him dying? I mean, we’re almost two weeks in and Rowan is still alive. I know Rowan was head of B613 but let’s be serious here. Sooner or later, either Charlie eases up or Rowan dies. Maybe Quinn comes into the room and Charlie is forced to let go once he sees his wife. However, Charlie doesn’t know that Rowan is actually the good guy here.

Yes, he may be holding Quinn against her wishes, but he’s doing it for a good reason. His daughter Olivia Pope believes, just as everyone else does that Quinn is dead and Rowan wants it to stay that way for his and her safety. His intentions are good but he may not live to see the ending if he’s dead after being choked for two weeks.

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