New York Jets: Are they a few pieces away?

Before the season started, it was the New York Jets projected to go 0-16 not the Cleveland Browns. In true Jet fashion they destroyed expectations. Luckily for fans, this time it was in a good way. No fan is ever happy with a 5 win season, but with how questionable their lineup was it ended up being a happy accident.


Now the team will be looking to improve on last year’s limited success. If star players like Robbie Anderson can keep their antics under control, the Jets might have something to build on. Quarterback has been a position of need for some time. If this year isn’t the one they nail one down then expect another lack luster year. The draft is as deep as we’ve seen in a while, the free agent class has a few hidden gems, there are even a couple decent quarterbacks who might be available via trade on draft day. The Jets need to sign a seasoned veteran in free agency and draft one in April. Don’t wait for the answer to arrive and throw the rookie to the fire. Expectations will be low, get a game manager and build the talent from there.

The Jets run game was supposed to start a domino effect when the team signed Matt Forte. He hasn’t quite enjoyed the same success as he did with the Chicago Bears and might be on the last leg of his career. If their offense wants to improve they need to find a complimentary player to Bilail Power out of the backfield. Having a one-two punch in the run game will open development of their young quarterback. Not only does running the football take pressure off, but the misdirect of play action will allow plays to develop down field at a different pace. If the Jets need an example of what play action can do for a quarterback, they need to look no further than the success of Blake Bortles this year in the Jacksonville Jaguars offense. This should be their blueprint going forward.

The New York Jets are another team that needs to build a bruising defense. Late in the season, those cold weather games make it hard for teams to attack on offense. That cold New Jersey air freezes right to the bone and a good, stiff, hit will jar the football loose for incomplete passes and fumbles. Find the kind of players offenses hate getting hit by and watch the momentum of the game change. The Jets often have one of the better defenses in the NFL but they lack the game-changing playmakers. If they can go out and get the hard hitters, the battle for field position will give their offense a bit of breathing room. The New York Jets aren’t far off from being competitors, they just need to go out and get the best pieces available.[RickTwitter]

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