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If Grey’s Anatomy Kills Off Miranda Bailey, That’s It For Me

Some characters are just forgetful. Whether it’s to whip others into shape, make a few jokes, look sexy or be the sacrificial lamb, they’re there just for a moment. Then you have characters like Miranda Bailey. Yes, Grey’s Anatomy is titled that for a reason as the show has focused on the journey of Meredith Grey for 14 seasons but Bailey is, well, she’s Bailey.

Without the guidance of Bailey, there would be no Meredith Grey or Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev and the other characters we’ve grown to love over the years. Bailey is the leader, the enforcer, and the doting mother-hen to Grey Sloan Memorial. She’s the real driving force behind the show.

Grey’s Anatomy Cannot Kill Off Miranda Bailey

With the promo for “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”, Grey’s Anatomy has teased fans with a possible Bailey death. This can’t be happening. It was tough to lose Lexie and Mark, then Derek, however, to lose Bailey would be the end of me watching one of my favorite shows. Yes, I still have love for Meredith, Jackson, Richard, and the others, but Miranda has always been my favorite. Each week, you knew you were going to get a laugh as she gave Ben or one of the other doctors one of those looks that spoke 1000 words. She’s what our mothers would be if they were doctors. She scary, yet comforting at the same time.

The last two seasons have been a bit rough for her as she’s had to deal with becoming the Chief, and now with her husband set to run into burning buildings to save lives, it may be just too much for her. But she can’t go out like this. If Grey Sloan were to burn down, it would be Miranda walking out from the fire with a child on her back. She’s the savior and protector of all.

A promo is that just. A glance at will happen or possibly happen. We have no idea if Bailey will die, but I do know this, kill her off and you will have one less fan ABC.

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