Green Bay Packers: The Missing Link Returns

While Green Bay Packers fans might be excited for a healthy Aaron Rodgers next season, that might be the second greatest thing to return to the team next season. While Rodgers is the teams most valuable player to the Packers, his return might have to take a back seat to Joe Philbin as the team’s offensive coordinator. Philbin returns to the team after stints as a head coach of the Miami Dolphins and an assistant head coach/offensive line coach with the Indianapolis Colts.


Joe Philbin might have failed as a head coach with the Miami Dolphins but he enjoyed tremendous success as an offensive coordinator with the Packers. As an offensive coordinator with the Packers in 2007-2011, he and head coach Mike McCarthy enjoyed one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. In that time frame, the Green Bay Packers would miss the playoffs just one time and would win a Super Bowl in 2010.

Under Philbin and McCarthy Rodgers would enjoy some of the most successful years of his career. Since his departure the team seems to have lost their explosive edge. With arguably one of the greatest quarterback’s of all time on, the Packers have managed to stay competitive but their offense seems like a shell of it’s former self. Now, Philbin and McCarthy will go back to the drawing board and pen out their attack-first style offense that made Aaron Rodgers one of the most dangerous threats in the game today.

The real question going into their offseason is what pieces will they go after to give Rodgers a little more breathing room. Do they go after younger talent in the draft to give their quarterback more weapons? Do they build a win-now team with free agent signings to shore up their weak links? With quarterback being one of the deeper positions in the draft, do they go after Rodgers’ eventual replacement? One thing is for sure, the Green Bay Packers have options on offense. If the coaching duo’s previous success is a sign of things to come, look out for the Green Bay Packers next season.[RickTwitter]

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