Carowinds: While Not The Greatest Hyper Ever, Intimidator Is One Fun Thrill Ride

Intimidator is one of the crown jewels of Carowinds. The hyper coaster is a great ride. Some go as far to say as it’s one of the best hyper’s on the market. And while I won’t say it’s better than Diamondback, this is one crazy coaster.

Not to be confused with Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion, Intimidator at Carowinds stands 233 feet. It reaches speeds of 75 mph. This coaster is the perfect complement to Fury 325. Similar to that of Behemoth and Leviathon at Canada’s Wonderland, they go well together.

The one main takeaway from Intimidator is the theming. The coaster is made to feel like you’re at the race track. From the Dale Earnhardt “Intimidator” car out at the front of the entrance to the checkered flags that paint the entrance and station, it’s the best experience ride at Carowinds.

So, what’s better back or front row? I got the chance to ride this coaster in the middle and the back. I can safely say that the back row offers the most airtime. That’s usually the first place I go for hyper coasters. The middle of the train offered no sort of thrill for me at all. As for the front, it’s probably not as good airtime wise as the back, seeing as I felt nothing four rows behind.

To say Intimidator is better hyper than that of Behemoth and Diamondback is a bold statement. Not to take anything away from Intimidator, but the other two signature Cedar Fair hyper’s take the cake here. They are just filled with more elements and airtime moments. That’s not saying Intimidator is a bad ride. It’s still got a lot going for it, but the other two are at the top of the heap.

The Intimidator Lives Up To Its Name

I’d probably say Intimidator sits third among all the coasters at Carowinds, trailing only Fury 325 and Afterburn. And while I don’t have Intimidator ahead of Behemoth and Diamondback, it’s still a damn good coaster. There are many moments of airtime. It’s got incredible theming and features the classic clamshell seating.

Don’t skip out on Intimidator at Carowinds. It’s going to take you by surprise. And if it’s your first hyper, you’ll absolutely love it. But even if it’s not, there’s still so much to like about this coaster.

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