WWE Royal Rumble: Stephanie McMahon on commentary is best for business

On Sunday, the WWE will be making history. At the Royal Rumble, the women will be having their first Royal Rumble. It was also announced that RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon will be on commentary. Since the announcement of Stephanie was made, there have been a ton of flock from the wrestling internet community. I don’t see why there is a problem and I am all for it.

For starters, I had a hunch that we were getting a female voice on commentary during the rumble. However, I couldn’t think of who it could be. Once I heard that it was Stephanie McMahon, I was all for it. She has been one of the more vocal female talents in the WWE over the last 30 years. She has been there through the whole process of the women’s revolution. However, this doesn’t still rule out her being in the match. We have seen commentators be in the Rumble. It is worth noting that Vince McMahon was one of the commentators during the 1988 Royal Rumble where we saw Hacksaw Jim Duggan win it all.


The women’s royal rumble match is historical and it is worthy of having a female voice on commentary. While the women of the WWE have made huge strides over the years, we have yet to a full-time female voice behind the announcing table. Yes, Lita called the Mae Young Classic and Beth Phoenix is calling the Mixed Match Challenge, but those aren’t permanent. A female voice on either NXT, Raw, or Smackdown may not be a bad thing. I don’t find Stephanie boring at all and I find her to be very much like her father.

The Women’s Royal Rumble will be interesting to see who they get to return and debut. The Men’s Rumble will also be interesting, but they have been doing this since 1988.


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