NFL Pro Bowl Fanduel Advice: Use only WRs and TEs

If you are playing the FanDuel new single-game slate for the NFL Pro Bowl, you may want to consider the strategy of using only WR and TEs.

The single game format allows you to pick five players and assign one of them to receive two times the fantasy points they score.

A look at last year’s stats is a good place to start for formulating a strategy.

Finding the stats for last year’s game was not as easy as one might think. That’s probably because few really care about the stats in a Pro Bowl, but you should be aware of recent history if you are going to build a fantasy lineup. Here is a link for research purposes: 2017 Pro Bowl Stats.

A Look at Last Year

RBs where virtually a none factor in the 2017 Pro Bowl. RB Jordan Howard was the leading rusher for the NFC with five carries for 21 yards. RB Jay Ajayi led the AFC with seven attempts for 18 yards. There were no TDs scored by a RB.

QBs would’ve also been a poor choice in this fantasy format. QB Andy Dalton was the highest fantasy scorer with 100 yards passing, one TD, and an INT. That performance only equates to 7 points on FanDuel.

WRs provided the highest number of decent fantasy scores as they were the main weapons to move the ball down the field. Five WRs racked up at least five catches and/or 50 plus receiving yards. Those WRs FanDuel scores ranged from 6.8 points to 14.2 points.

WR Doug Baldwin had the lone TD by a WR. Baldwin led on fantasy scores with 14.2 points. WR Odell Beckham came in second with 12.3 points as he led all WRs with six receptions for 93 yards.

TEs accounted for the bulk of the actual scoring with two TDs. TEs Travis Kelce and Delanie Walker each found the end zone. TE Jimmy Graham had a ball go through his hands late in the game which would have potentially tied the game and made a third score by a TE.

With TDs, Kelce (11.1 points) and Walker (10.5 points) had the third and fourth highest fantasy days.

The TE production in the Pro Bowl may be attributed to the rules. No more than two WRs can be used on either side of the ball, and a TE must be in on every offensive play. Each team only has two TEs, so a TE is going to play roughly half the game and will typically be a red zone target.

TE’s also have an advantage of RBs in the Pro Bowl in that there is a focus on avoiding injuries. An injury is more likely to occur to either a RB or a lineman if a run play is called at the goal line as opposed to a pass.

Building a Roster for 2018
The most important thing in building a FanDuel Pro Bowl roster is you must double-check the players you select are actually playing. As always, there have been a number of substitutions to the Pro Bowl squad. At the time of writing, FanDuel is not highlighting players who are no longer playing. TE Jimmy Graham is a good example of a player you could select but is not actually playing.

Here is a link to the current roster with details of changes: 2018 Pro Bowl updated rosters: Here’s who will be filling in for Patriots, Eagles

While there is a salary cap, it was a virtual non-factor in building my lineup because I avoided all QBs and RBs who are higher priced. My lineup is $10,500 under the cap.

Because FanDuel heavily weights TDs, creating a lineup of players who are among the league leaders at their position for scoring TDs was my primary focus

TE Kyle Rudolph (NFC, $10,000) is a must play with this logic. Rudolph scored eight TDs last season, the most of any TE playing in the NFL Pro Bowl.

WRs Davante Adams (NFC, $8,500), Jarvis Landry (AFC, $7,500), Doug Baldwin (NFC,$9.500) and Antonio Brown (AFC, $14,000) will fill out the rest of my lineup. Adams had 10 receiving TDs in the regular season, the most of any WR playing in the NFL Pro Bowl. Landry and Brown each had nine. Baldwin had eight TDs.

Brown is coming off a great performance in a Divisional Round playoff game. He had seven receptions for 132 yards and two TDs.  I’m going to assume he is healthy enough to play and be a major contributor. Brown is the most likely WR to go over 100 yards and get a TD, so he will be placed in the double points slot on my roster.

Another advantage of using the players I selected is that I likely have scoring opportunities throughout the game. Many DFS players are going to stack their lineup with starters. I do not think this is wise. There are only so many targets to go around in each players limited time on the field. If you go starter heavy, you may hit on one or two players. However, your opportunity to score points could be over by halftime.

Dan’s Pro Bowl Lineup
TE Kyle Rudolf
WR Doug Baldwin
WR Davante Adams
WR Jarvis Landry
WR Antonio Brown X2

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