Miami Dolphins: How to Craft The Perfect Offseason

The Miami Dolphins have plenty to address going into the offseason. A third place finish in the AFC East, it has to be disappointing to fans. Adam Gase and company have an uphill battle but they might not have less work than last season implied. The team fell from a 10-6 season in 2016, to a 6-10 season last year. Now free agency is looming and they’ll have to consider some of these moves. They already have a perfect season, could this be their perfect offseason?


In Free Agency:

At Tight End Jimmy Graham – After a series of injuries derailed a portion of his career. In a season where the Seahawks struggled they may be willing to let him go to shore up some other positions. A talented and seasoned veteran is what Miami needs at the position while they develop a younger player. Graham is the perfect alternative to another crap shoot.

Offensive line: The Dolphins need to take a run at any of these 3 offensive lineman. Chris Hubbard is a 27-year-old backup for Steelers proved he could start in a fill in role. Austin Pasztor the 27-year-old out of Atlanta who had one of the better offensive lines in football the past two seasons. Darrell Williams is a young 25-year-old for the Rams. The Rams were one of the more improved offenses in the NFL and the Miami Dolphins could use improvement. 3 young lineman under the age of 30 and the Gase and company would love to get one.

In the Draft:

Baker Mayfield 1st Round – While there’s been some concern over Mayfield, the Dolphins have some breathing room. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill should be back and healthy and behind a good offensive line can compete as a starter. Unfortunately, the Miami Dolphins haven’t had too strong of an offensive line. If they focus on the line in the offseason Tannehill will be the perfect bridge while the rookie develops.

Rashaan Evans 2nd Round – If the Miami Dolphins can nail the offensive line in the offseason the Dolphins can afford to go after a linebacker in the second round. They would have to luck out and hope Evans would fall to them. He’s projected late in the first or early in the second but trading up if he doesn’t wouldn’t hurt too much. Getting a linebacker who can cover and blitz with size and physicality is a must. Evans could be the linebacker the Dolphins have been looking for.

Frank Ragnow 3rd Round – Adam Gase likes his versatile players who can play multiple positions. Ragnow has the size to be a guard or can slide over into the center position. Assuming the Dolphins let Ja’waun James walk for cheaper alternatives Ragnow could slide in for Miami’s guards who can also play tackle. Ragnow also could shore up their run game with his down field blocking and be a solid fit.

If last year’s draft was any sign of what the Miami Dolphins plan to do in the future then it’s all about depth. The Dolphins selected not only players who could come in and start on day one but also ones who were behind starters on the depth chart. It appears their plan is to transition to younger cheaper options while signing their vets to bridge the gaps. The Dolphins also have players who could be moved if the return is worth the risk. Don’t expect them to pick at their designated spot the whole draft. They might not trade down a lot, but very well could trade up to get their man.[RickTwitter]

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