Kings Island: Please Don’t Give The RMC Treatment To The Beast

Kings Island and Cedar Fair must not RMC The Beast. It’s such a classic and iconic coaster. Going the hybrid RMC route would just destroy a wooden treasure. It might anger a lot of people because this ride is just that damn good.

Some just criticize The Beast because it’s one of the roughest coasters in the world. And while that might be true, it’s definitely not something to remodel. The Beast is a coaster landmark. Re-modeling it would be ridiculously stupid.

The RMC treatment has been given to many coasters in the past, and almost all will say it becomes a better coaster because of it. While true, there are just some you don’t mess with. A generational ride like The Beast doesn’t need to be touched. If you think it’s too rough, don’t ride it.

If Kings Island wants to RMC a wooden coaster at the park, have it be Racer instead. The 1972 classic isn’t as iconic as Beast and would make a much more thrilling attraction.

Similar to Twisted Colossus at Magic Mountain, Racer would be a dueling RMC. TC is unique, as this is the only racing coaster RMC has done. And with two woodies already at Kings Island (Beast and Mystic Timbers), this would be a great decision by the park.

It’s amazing that so many people keep saying to RMC Beast. The ride is a national treasure. Thus, losing that traditional feel of the coaster would be devastating. I don’t think I’d ever be able to ride an RMC version of The Beast. There’s just too much history there.

Again, If Kings Island wants to give something the RMC treatment let it be Racer. The concept is much more relevant than a re-done Beast. Sure, the Beast with the RMC track would be cool, but it’s not necessary for such an iconic ride.


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