Green Lantern Corps: Who to Cast for The Perfect Cast

Green Lantern Corps isn’t expected to be released before 2020. While the search for a director is underway we can’t help but think who would be the perfect fit for the role. Green Lantern Corps as the title implies is a comic run where the Green Lanterns police the universe to keep peace and protect. There’s little to no information so far about this film but we could have a few ideas.


Sam Worthington as Hal Jordan: Maybe he’ll be too tied up in the overly ambitious Avatar sequels to even appear in another film. However, Worthington has a demeanor that says Hal Jordan. However Jordan would not be the hero in this version. If the DCEU is truly looking for a way to distance themselves from the critically panned Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds then the Parallax version of the character would be a great start. Sticking to the safe Sinestro villain would probably doom this film so the studio needs to take a huge gamble. If written well enough, Parallax gives them a chance to show off both a villain and a hero.

Mahershala Ali as John Stewart: While the studio is reportedly looking for a younger actor to play John Stewart, Ali is what the studio needs. At 43 he’s one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood. If  Warner Bros wants to be successful they need a big name attached to the project. While Mahershala Ali might be older in age, he still has a younger face. He’s shown off his acting skills with multiple award nominations. If the DCEU can pull off such an actor he’d be a tremendous fit for John Stewart.

Pablo Schreiber as Guy Gardner: It’ll be hard to picture a Green Lantern Corps movie without Guy Gardner. In the current Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps comics he’s not only the resident though guy, he’s also got the sharp written one-liners that make the character so fun. Schreiber wouldn’t have to stretch too far for this character. He’s currently playing Mad Sweeney on the Starz aired American Gods. The two characters share similar personalities and would make for a smooth transition.

Zac Efron as Kyle Rayner: Rayner is the Lantern who takes over for Hal in the comics. Efron has been the goofy sidekick in a comedies like Neighbors and Baywatch but it was his role in The Greatest Showman that gave him this consideration. Rayner’s origins was a struggling artist just outside of Hollywood and Zac Efron has the Hollywood look. He’s been too handcuffed to comedies to show off all of his acting ability and a big budget film like this might catapult him to new heights. He’s got the young fresh face that’s all over Hollywood and the DCEU could use a big name tied to their later projects.

Having Parallax as the main villain opens up Green Lantern Corps to a whole world of possibilities. It would give the DCEU the freedom to either take one of their better stories from the comics or create an original for the big screen. While the character can use a fresh start, the studio can’t afford to drift too far outside the realm of Hollywood heavyweights. They need to find the perfect balance between up and coming actors and Hollywood stars to draw fan interest. They’ve got time to figure it out, can they get it just right? They more than likely won’t have the budget to land all these actors, but a couple might do the trick.

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