Fuller House: Long Distance Might Work For Steve And DJ

It appears that Season 4 of Fuller House will see Steve and DJ do the long-distance dating thing. After DJ pushed Steve to take a prestigious job as a foot doctor with the Los Angeles Lakers, the two won’t be getting to see each other every night. Still, it’s the right call for them, as this is something Steve simply can’t pass up, and DJ knew that.

Steve and DJ have waited so long to be together. What’re another few months? The two might have to do long distance, but they’ve been apart for almost 20 years that the extra time away won’t do much. You do want the two to finally be together (Although, I was definitely Team Matt). However, this is what’s best for both.

With DJ about to take on the animal clinic as her own, as Matt opted to leave and open his separate clinic, she was in no way able to go anywhere with Steve. This is also not mentioning the family obligations she has as well. Steve knew this and didn’t want to leave DJ.


It wasn’t until the Season 3 Finale that DJ finally convinced Steve to head to LA. This was a good decision by both parties. Not only does it give Steve the job he’s always wanted, DJ will also get more time to spend with her family. Of course, Steve will still be a part of her life. It’s just not going to be an every night affair.

With that being said, can the two deal with long distance? There’s no question the two will make it together. As mentioned before, they’ve waited this long to be with each other, what’s a few more months. And besides, it’s not like San Francisco is that from LA that they can’t make the occasional trip to meet each other, or at least halfway.

Both Steve and DJ care for each other greatly. They won’t let the distance get in the way of a relationship. They’ve come way to far with each other, and have done so much together, that giving up on things now would be a grave mistake. They’ll make it work. Season 4 of Fuller House will show us how powerful their connection really is.


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