Former NFL QB Jim Everett gives much-needed advice to players prior to off-season

Though we professional football fans have yet to witness what is known as the greatness of this year’s NFL Pro Bowl, and while we are still waiting for the Super Bowl LII match-up between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, the 2018 off-season has already begun for the 30 other teams that are NOT playing in this season’s final, meaningful contest. Former NFL quarterback Jim Everett took to Twitter to give some much-needed advice to players as they enter the 2018 off-season.





I truly hope that Everett’s tweet finds its way to as many NFLers — young and old — as possible. It is far too often that players ignore a message like this. Then we all read the headlines after a player “acts like a fucking moron.”

EDITOR’S NOTE TO NFL PLAYERS – Don’t. act. like. a. fucking. moron. 

(Yup. Jim Everett was far more eloquent than I would be when giving this advice; though it would be the same message, it would read FAR differently coming from me.)


I cannot think of one NFL off-season in recent memory where we weren’t reading about some knucklehead taking the earned-opportunity of a lifetime and flushing it all down the toilet due to poor choices.

What Jim Everett had to say was simple and direct. It’s what all of us, regardless of our profession, should aim to be/follow while we are “partaking in our individual off-seasons.” When you are on vacation or off-the-clock, are you providing a positive example as an employee of your company? If not, be thankful that you are NOT a professional athlete; because even your private moments — accolades and mishaps alike — become screenshots, tweets and posts for all the world to see.


Thank GOD I am not a professional athlete.




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