WWE: Ricochet Must Face John Cena To Become The Face Of The Company

John Cena is the benchmark for any WWE superstar. Facing him is almost a right of passage for anyone who wishes to take over the mantle of the biggest draw in the company. As we approach the impending Cena/Taker match at WrestleMania, there’s a wrestler Cena must face in the near future to pass the torch to, Ricochet.

The 29-year-old from Kentucky, King Ricochet might be the new face of WWE. He’s charismatic and skilled inside and outside the ring and might be the perfect choice for the future of this business. Like Cena, Ricochet has what it takes to be the main draw for the company.

Many will say (including me at one point) that Ricochet needs to be the focal point of 205 Live. That’s not true anymore, as he’s one of the deserving wrestlers who would benefit the most from a single’s run on the main roster. Your current top dog, Roman Reigns, is the king of WWE now, but there needs to be someone pushing him as the top dog. That someone is Ricochet.

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You could make the case that Ricochet wrestle Roman Reigns. That’s farther off into the future. Right now, it’s all about getting John Cena away from the main event status. Yes, he’s still the biggest draw WWE has, but with him being a full-fledged Hollywood star, there’s not much left for him to do in WWE.

This is why a match against Ricochet is so important. Like AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and Nakamura, Cena isn’t afraid to push talent in order to get them over. Still, none of the aforementioned wrestlers are the answer.

AJ might be the most obvious but he’s hitting the over 40 mark and doesn’t have much time left as the top guy. Ricochet being 29 assures us of eight or nine great years as the top guy in the company.

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Beating Cena has become a way to get into main event status. This is what Ricochet needs to do. The WWE titles will come, but defeating arguably one of the biggest names to ever step foot in a wrestling ring is the logical way to push him to the next level. Ricochet should be the guy Vince McMahon pushes as the main star of WWE, despite him not being a WWE homegrown talent.

If you’ve seen Lucha Underground, you’ll know Ricochet can hold his own against just about anyone. And if you’re a fan of the indie scene, you’re more than aware of his accomplishments outside of the WWE as well. There needs to be some refining of his mic skills, but Ricochet checks all the boxes when it comes to being the next megastar of the WWE.

It’s possible Vince McMahon puts Ricochet in 205 Live. That might not be a bad idea on paper, but the main event scene of Smackdown Live and RAW would be missing one hell of a talent. Ricochet needs to be the top dog of the company. And beating John Cena is the stepping stone to that.

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