Universal Studios Orlando: A Harry Potter Hotel Should Be On The Planning Board

It’s time Universal Studios Orlando design a Harry Potter hotel. With all the extra land they’ve added, placing a hotel themed to the Wizarding World is the logical next step. Not only a big money-maker, this would be a hit for families and might encourage more to stay on Universal property.

Knowing Universal and their attention to detail with Harry Potter, this hotel will be heavily themed. Being a hotel, the rooms won’t quite look like that of the Leaky Cauldron, but the lobby, food halls, and other amenities will be highly detailed.

You can expect the main entrance way to be similar to that of a large Diagon Alley building. While it might seem somewhat out-of-place so far from the Diagon Alley section of Universal Studios, the rest needs to be left up to the imagination. The hotel itself will be quite immersive as well.

Similar to the new Walt Disney World Star Wars hotel, the Harry Potter hotel will offer interactive areas for guests. There will be sections for the young wizards to showcase their wands. In addition, screens similar to the Hogwarts Express attraction will display on the windows and walls of the lobby. The food will also be a major talking point of the hotel.


Like the Harry Potter areas of the parks, this hotel will serve butterbeer, along with the other healthy food options you’ve come to expect from the Wizarding World. The seating will once again be at tables similar to the Three Broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron. There will not only a quick service but a full restaurant as well.

Something else that would really add to the experience would be the transportation to and from Universal. As a member of the Harry Potter Hotel, you’re ushered to the park on the Knight Bus. A Harry Potter classic, this would be a way to keep up the Potter magic going to the park as well.

All of these ideas for a hotel must be on the table for Universal Studios Orlando. If they want to expand the Potter universe, this is the way to do it outside of the parks. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a value resort of any kind. For families who wish to become enthralled in Potter, it’s a must do.

Who knows when a project like this would get the green light. Universal has just announced a value hotel, so there are already many places to stay on property. It’s possible a Harry Potter hotel gets an announcement after the debut of the new hotels and the upcoming Ministry of Magic Attraction. It just has to happen soon, because this is a great idea for Universal Studios Orlando and Harry Potter fans.


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