The Goldbergs: Spinoff Episode Was Lackluster

On Wednesday night, The Goldbergs aired their spinoff pilot for The Goldbergs: 1990s-Something. I had high expectations for this episode as it is done by the same writers who do The Goldbergs. However, I was very disappointed by it. The only good part was the timely references. For instance, we saw the Backstreet Boys throughout the show. Also, the only family member from The Goldbergs was Beverly who made two minor appearances. There was no one else from the family.


The storyline of the episode was when the principal of the school (played by Tim Meadow) becomes the principal. One of the earlier scenes shows him meeting the teachers. He would end up meeting the gym teacher. It is worth noting that this gym teacher has an old-school mindset. In their interaction, he tells the gym teacher that the students will be playing safer games and not Dodgeball. I found this funny because this is true that all of a sudden students couldn’t play dodgeball because it was too violent.

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We are then introduced to the rest of his family. It is revealed that his sister works at the DMV and has a daughter who gets into trouble. The rest of the episode is the daughters attending the school and the sister working at the school where her brother is the principal.

Personally, I didn’t find it funny and fully understand why ABC didn’t pick it up originally. I found a lot of the material to be stale as they were trying to be funny. As of now, there is nothing about what the next episode is. What I am hoping for is to return to the regular show and slowly build it up to this spinoff. But I don’t see how the spinoff gets picked up into a full series.


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