Super Bowl LII: Five Prop Bets From Gatorade to Hair Color

Betting on the Super Bowl is one of the biggest moneymakers in sports. The money begins to drop as soon as the teams are set. However, there is not just the availability to bet on the game. Here are these little bets called prop bets. They can range from commercials to halftime. Even the National Anthem. If you are the fun-betting person this may be the route you take when laying down some money. No matter your intentions for Super Bowl LII, people will shed money. Thus, here are some of the best prop bets to make for the big game.

  1. The number of time we hear “Dilly, Dilly”

The over and under on the bet is currently at 12.5. This has been one of the best campaigns that Bud Light has brought forward in quite some time. I might even lean towards the over due to the popularity.

  1. Odds on the color of Pink’s hair during the National Anthem

Pop Star Pink will be singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LII. We all are familiar with her eccentric style. She often has multiple hair colors. Now, while on the national stage people are putting money on that color. Blonde leads the way at 2/1. However, Brown, pink, and green are also in the running.

  1. Odds to have the best commercial

Every year the newest and freshest commercials are during the Super Bowl. In fact, some of the best ads have started at the biggest game of the year. So who will have the best commercial in 2018? Budweiser is taking the early lead at 4/1. Others coming in close are Doritos, Hyundai, and Kia.

  1. Odds of a halftime wardrobe malfunction

We all know that one of the previous times in which Justin Timberlake appeared in the Super Bowl, he exposed Janet Jackson. Since that time, the NFL has taken steps to prevent further disasters. However, Mr. Timberlake returns for Super Bowl LII. Of course, people are making bets on another malfunction. Current odds 49/1.

  1. Odds on the color of the Gatorade bath

It is a well-known tradition that the winning coach of any big game gets a Gatorade bath. Thus, now one of the most popular prop bets is the color that Bill Belichick or Doug Pederson will receive. Also, if the Philadelphia Eagles win Super Bowl LII, could Pederson get multiple colors? Interesting thought. Nonetheless, orange and blue lead the way at 3/1. Water comes in a close second.

These are some of the crazier side bets for Super Bowl LII. Some of the more normal ones are MVP, coin toss, first TD, and first turnover. Check some of them out at Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.

Do you plan to place any money on Super Bowl LII? Leave a comment below.

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