Los Angeles Chargers start the 2018 off-season with two crucial moves

It is no secret the Los Angeles Chargers would have been a scary team to face in this year’s playoffs. Despite starting the year 0-4, the Chargers won nine of their last 12 games, finishing the season with a 9-7 record. Though they won their Week 17 contest against the Oakland Raiders, the Bolts were unable to get the help they needed in the form of other teams “helping out via wins” to reach the postseason. With eyes on retaining the core of the coaching staff, the LA Chargers started the 2018 off-season with two crucial moves, re-signing offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt and defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

The organization initially announced the re-signings via the team’s official Twitter account:





In addition to the team’s official announcement, veteran quarterback Philip Rivers also added his two cents on the re-signing of the coordinators.

“I’m very excited to have Whiz back for another year,” Philip Rivers said. “We have a chance to really improve and continue the things we have done well.  And getting Gus back is really great for our team and our defense.  He has brought a lot to our team.”


If seeing an endorsement regarding the retention of Bradley as defensive coordinator from the team’s signal caller (Rivers) wasn’t enough, superstar cornerback Casey Hayward made it clear that he was looking forward to having Gus back in the fold, running the Chargers’ defense.

 “I’m soooo excited to have Gus back,” said an enthusiastic Casey Hayward. “Man, we love Gus on this defense.  He helped give us an identity on defense, and we feel like if we add some pieces and stay healthy in his scheme, we have a chance to be very special.  Man, I read all the rumors about he may be interviewing for other jobs and whatnot.  And I was excited for him because he is a great coach and an even better person.  But in the back of my head I was hoping we retained him, and we did.  So let’s make this thing special next year, and this is a start to a great year.”


Bradley was one of the more popular names among all NFL coordinators — both offensive and defensive — when mentioning possible head-coaching candidates for the numerous vacancies around the league. The Chargers eliminated the talk by locking up Bradley via the re-signing. The former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach is known for building the “Legion of Boom” defense in Seattle as the Seahawks defensive coordinator. Bradley’s scheme, one known for focusing on creating turnovers, was highly successful during his first campaign with the LA Chargers.

Retaining Ken Whisenhunt and Gus Bradley started the Los Angeles Chargers off-season perfectly. Helping them build on the continuity formed by a coaching staff that was dealing with the first year of relocating the franchise. The team has ensured what I believe will be a much smoother 2018 season by sticking with familiarity among the coordinators.

The Los Angeles Chargers won nine games in 2017, equaling their total number of wins combined from the previous two seasons.



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