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The comic book world is ever-changing. Heroes stories are up and down. Sometimes they’re a great roller coaster of emotion. Other times they’re just campy fun. Whether you’re a Marvel guy, a DC guy, or prefer independent publishers comic books are on the rise as of late due to the expanded universes playing out on today’s movie screens. What are some of the best current comic books to read? Check out the our Top 5 current publications in no order.


Doomsday Clock 

The current landscape in the DC comic book world is evolving. After their failed attempt at re-branding with the New 52, DC has decided to pivot their stories once again leading up to their Rebirth storyline. On top of their already fun reboot, DC has decided to throw in one of their least touched properties with Watchmen. The heroes world’s are changing and it might not be for the better. The tie in of DC to the Watchmen style of writing and character interactions has been beyond intriguing even with as little as they’ve revealed.

Hal Jordan: Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern has always been one of the more fun characters. Often written off by some readers thanks to a poor knock off of a movie, the character has had some great story arcs. The latest in the Green Lantern series sees the return of Hal Jordan, a team up with the Sinestro Corps then an eventual War. The characters in HJ: GLC make up the majority of the entertainment while reading but the story has been strong itself. Easily one of the more underrated titles out now.


Will the world ever get tired of Batman? No, probably not. There will always be the legacy of the character to build and rebuild from. You could argue he’s DC’s best hero with Superman fans, but you probably won’t get anywhere. The Rebirth iteration of Bruce Wayne takes us down the more personable side. We see his strengths as well as his vulnerabilities. His Bane story arc was one of the more fascinating Bat-stories as of late and The War of Jokes and Riddles was an excellent homage to the Joker and Riddler. However, the best story so far has been his proposal to Selina Kyle/Catwoman and the ripple effect it’s had through the issues that followed. Excellent writing to show more Bruce Wayne than Batman.

Mighty Thor

The strength of The Mighty Thor comes not from Mjolnir on this one. Instead, The Mighty Thor is propped up in large part due to amazing artwork from start to finish. Not only has the story been a great read, even with the change in who pencils the issue, the art hasn’t taken a dip which is a testament to the hard work put into the story. After Thor is stripped up Mjolnir in this series, Jane Foster picks up the hammer slowing down the effects of cancer on her body. While she seems weak and fragile, her time as the Mighty Thor makes her just as fierce of a warrior as Odinson. Hopefully the transition back from Foster doesn’t ruin the momentum created by this run.

Action Comics

As the run approaches it’s historic issue #1000, the writers have kicked it up a notch with our friend Superman. We’ve gone from the struggle with the “other Superman”, to the reveal of Mr. Oz, to a return to Krypton with the Blue Beetle. Superman has been all over the place in the past few issues but has fascinated the entire way. They’ve taken some well-respected characters right of the pages of the older comics and found ways to make them relevant in the current stories. Action Comics will hit their 1,000 issue soon and shows no sign of slowing down. It’ll be interesting to see just how well the story plays out after that issue or if there will be a dip in quality. However, for now it’s worth every penny.

Comics are a bit harder to get into than traditional reading. If you pick them up in the middle of a story it will be hard to understand the fill scale of what’s going on. For younger generations, our advice is simple, pick a character you recognize or may enjoy from the movies and start somewhere. Whether it’s one title from the character or many, within a matter of a few short weeks you could be in love with a whole medium you never thought to pick up.[RickTwitter]

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