The Goldbergs Season 5 Episode 14 live stream: How to watch online

It’s that time of the week. We get another glimpse into the life of the Goldbergs. As we saw on last weeks episode, Adam Goldberg had a ton of silly antics in his woodshop class that almost seriously injured his teacher. Geoff and Barbara tried to become more cultured to keep Erica at home. As we also saw towards the end of the episode, Erica learned a valuable lesson. She would end up learning that it is not right to turn on the people who care for you. Personally, I thought it was a good episode and it had its moments. Before I get into this week’s episode, I would like to point that this week is a bit of a different episode.


As it has been reported for the last week or so, ABC has ordered a spinoff of the Goldbergs. However, they only ordered the pilot episode. My guess is that they want to rider the pilot first and see how it does. The route for this spinoff will be when Adam, Barry, and Erica are not living home and are all in college. Here is what the episode is about, according to TV

At William Penn Academy in the 1990s, Head of School John Glascott leads a faculty of teachers with wildly different views on how to mentor students and recruits his tough-as-nails-sister Lucy to join his staff and enroll her teenage daughters as new students. Lucy is desperate to ensure they avoid the social pitfalls of high school. Glascott’s nurturing approach to parenting and Coach Mellor’s tough-guy belief that physical competition brings out the best in students is tearing her apart.

I am looking forward to this episode a lot. In case you can’t watch it live, here is how you can watch it online

Date: January 24, 2018

Time: 8:00 pm

Channel: ABC

Online: ABC Go (Before watching, you will be asked to provide the information for your TV provider)


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