Super Bowl LII: The Philadelphia Eagles success is a tale of two Nicks

When the Philadelphia Eagles started the 2017 campaign, they did so with one of the best, young talents under center. Carson Wentz was making a strong case all throughout the season to be the NFL MVP. However, one play changed that fate. On December 12 against the Los Angeles Rams, Wentz tore his ACL. Everyone left the Eagles for dead, including me. Nonetheless, head coach Doug Pedersen was confident in the ability of his backup QB, Nick Foles. He has yet to disappoint. Especially in leading them to Super Bowl LII. Still, do we know what the Eagles have in Foles?

Thus far, in the postseason, Foles has been incredible. He has taken charge of the Philadelphia Eagles offense. Currently, Foles is third-ranked playoff QB behind Drew Brees and Tom Brady for 2017. He is completing 78% of his passes. He has thrown for just under 600 yards and three TDs. The biggest stat of all, however, is he has yet to throw an interception. Protecting the ball becomes huge in the playoffs and Foles has done it.


This is the side of Nick Foles that the Philadelphia Eagles fans want to see. On the other hand, what would happen to the Eagles if the bad Foles were to show up on February 4? Would the Eagles be as successful? How bad is a bad Nick Foles? These are all questions that fans will have to ponder in the next two weeks.

Have we seen bad Nick Foles yet this season? Yes, bad Foles was in uniform on Christmas night against the Oakland Raiders. In this game, Foles was 19-38, 163 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT. In fact, he did just enough late in the game to get the Eagles the home-field advantage in the playoffs. Bad Nick also carried over into week 17 against the Dallas Cowboys. He started that game 4-11, 39 yards, 0 TDs, and 1 INT before being “rested for the playoffs”.

The latter Nick Foles is the one that Eagles fans fear. Having only played in one truly big game and showing up leaves a possibility for the good. Additionally, the opponent is too good on a short field. Hence, if bad Nick shows its head in Super Bowl LII this game will get ugly fast. In the end, much of the country is hoping for Good Nick!

Which Nick Foles do you see showing up for Super Bowl LII? Leave a comment below. Also, stay with for all your Super Bowl LII news.

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