Knott’s Berry Farm: GhostRider Tops All Other Wooden Coasters

One of the best wooden coasters I’ve ever done, GhostRider shouldn’t be missed at Knott’s Berry Farm. I’d go as far to say as it’s one of my favorite coasters ever. What makes this woodie so great?

I’m a sucker for fast, smooth, airtime filled, wooden coasters. Sometimes these are hard to find. Considering RMC is all the rage, a good wooden ride is difficult to come by. Great Coasters International (GCI) has a history of creating wonderful works of art. GhostRider lives up to the companies standards.

Originally designed and built by Custom Coasters International (CCI), GhostRider underwent a makeover in from September 8th, 2015 to June 2016. Knott’s Berry Farm decided to refurbish the coaster. They completely removed the CCI track and cars. In its place, GhostRider was given new GCI track and the new Millennium Flyer trains.

To me, GCI makes the best non-RMC coasters on the market. Aside from possibly Intamin and El Toro (which I’ve yet to ride), there is not better wooden manufacturer than GCI. And like some other recent GCI models of recent years, such as Mystic Timbers, GhostRider is a massive success.


You’re going to get a ton of airtime on this coaster. With 14 hills and 10 crossovers, it’s a wild ride that deserves all the praise it’s gotten since the refurbishment. The Millennium Flyer trains are also some of the comfiest coaster cars in the world, which makes this coaster perfect for fans of smooth massive airtime.

The biggest takeaway from the GhostRider is the massive amount of themeing surrounding the coaster. Set in Ghost Town, they fill the entranceway of this coaster with old western buildings and scenery all around the main entranceway. In addition, it’s a heavily themed queue line as well, feeling trapped in a mine or gold rush setting.

This one of the jewels of the Knott’s Berry Farm collection. Thus, it is easily the best wooden coaster I’ve been on. Some enthusiasts will also share that belief as well. This is definitely the first coaster you should try when visiting Knott’s Berry Farm. Hence, it’s quickly becoming the signature coaster on the west coast.


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