Jacksonville Jaguars: Replacing Blake Bortles is key to team’s success

After faltering at the hands of the New England Patriots in the AFC title game, it’s important for the Jacksonville Jaguars to find a replacement for quarterback Blake Bortles.

Sure he helped guide them through a weak AFC South and a mediocre AFC. But if they want to elevate their production offensively, then Bortles should be out.

Not only did the offense look out of sync toward the end of the game, but Bortles struggled on a number of key throws in the final period.

The stats were fine for the Jags’ QB in this game, but there’s more to a great QB than just stats. It doesn’t seem as though Bortles is much of a leader on the Jags; throughout the game it just seemed as though he was just another guy in the system.

A Leonard Fournette carry here, a Bortles’ pass there and that’s just looking at the fourth quarter of the AFC title game. However, when you examine the Jags’ regular season, Bortles had one of his best years in terms of completion percentage. But, Fournette had a lot to do with that. Bortles had less pass attempts this season thanks to a solid run game behind him.

Good quarterbacks tend to jump at you during the course of a season and over the past four years I’ve never seen Blake Bortles and thought, “Hey, this guy is so crisp with his throws and his poise is off the charts. I’m excited to watch him play every Sunday!”

He’s not terrible, but he is the main reason the Jags aren’t in the Super Bowl now.

The Jags should be extremely aggressive when it comes to acquiring a QB that can send them to a whole new level. Because they’re picking later in the draft they may have to settle for Alex Smith. Or if they can shed enough money from the cap they could bring in Jimmy Garappolo, which would scare every team in football.

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