The Flash: 3 Questions after The Elongated Knight Rises

Season 4 of the Flash has been night and day from the rest of the series. It’s as if Barry created an alternate timeline for this season as the show is so far from what it used to be. Maybe the writers are burning themselves out with fresh ideas, or they’re cheating fans by making Flash a carbon copy of Arrow. While they’re still using different heroes and villains, the team dynamics are becoming too similar. For instance, even Iris West has gone from being on the outside of Team Flash occasionally helping where needed, to being the Felicity of their show. It’s as if they’re taking what works in one show and carrying it to the other. Too much more of that and you may lose fans quickly.


With that being said Season 4 Episode 11, titled The Elongated Knight Rises, didn’t leave us without a few questions going forward. Barry is still locked up, The team is still trying to save the city, and new bad guys are popping up regularly. One of the biggest issues with this episode is it felt a lot like filler. Sure we got to see how Dibny and the rest of the team would fair without Barry, but there was little advance on the Devoe story. Putting that aside, there are a few things that need answers:

Will Big Sir have a significant role going forward? While Barry is in Iron Heights, it was only a matter of time before he found himself in trouble. Coming to his aid was an old friend of Henry Allen, “Dave” or more appropriately Big Sir played by former WCW/WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg. Big Sir came to the aid of Barry as payback for Henry Allen’s help in the past only for him to be attacked at a later point and Barry stepping to return the favor. The two exchange a few words indicated they’ll have each other’s back going forward. Does this mean we’ll have a multiple episode arc for Big Sir and will he be the one to help Barry to be set free?

Is Caitlin ever going to have control of her powers? Another week, another coaxing of Caitlin to turn into Killer Frost by Cisco and Wells. Will this be a running gag throughout the series or will we finally get to the point where she has control of her alter ego. While it’s humorous the first few times it runs the risk of quickly going stale. Caitlin being in control and being the host for Killer Frost isn’t terrible as long as when the time comes they find a more natural way for Killer Frost to take over.

Who was the girl at the end? While Ralph and Cisco were arguing over who would pay for their coffee, a young girl offers to “pay it forward”. Clearly, this is no coincidence and viewers see she’s not what she seems to be and she has showed up once before. During the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, she’s seen congratulating Barry at the church before things get out of hand. Now she shows back up just as Cisco and Ralph emerge as the newest heroes. It’s too odd. As she sits back down at her table she’s writing in her notepad an odd series of hieroglyphics we might have seen before. Remember when Barry Allen came out of the Speed Force and was randomly babbling about his innocence and scribbling all over the walls? This mystery girl seems to be doing the same, only she seems to have a little more control of her conscious thoughts than Barry did. Is she somehow connected to Team Flash? Is she a distant relative from the future sent back to aid in freeing Barry? Why does she have the same strange nervous energy as Barry did when he came out?


Next week’s episode might give us some answers. The brief promo for season 4 episode 12 titled Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash shows Barry talking the team into doing some investigative work for Big Sir. There’s also the brief tease of Cisco and Ralph being shrunk down to miniature versions of themselves. Is this the defining moment where Caitlin realizes she has to step up with Barry in prison and the others shrunk. She could be the only one left as a hero. Next week’s episode airs at 8pm EST on the CW.[RickTwitter]

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