Big Mouth: Coach Steve Is Just Misunderstood

Is Coach Steve going to get away clean in the suspected murder case? One of the more odd characters in Big Mouth, Coach Steve certainly had his moments. The biggest twist in his story coming when he became the main suspect in the ponytail murders. While it’s unlikely he actually did anything, Coach Steve is so unorthodox and strange, there just might be enough to convict him.

There’s no real alibi for Coach Steve. That’s why he’s being pegged as the main suspect. Unfortunately, Coach Steve isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, and he doesn’t realize what is actually going on.

Perhaps not one character on Big Mouth was more disturbing than Coach Steve. Perhaps it was a lack of education as a child, but for him to be a school educator is quite odd. He willingly went to get Jessi tampons, quite a bold task for someone of his age.


To be honest, it’s surprising Coach Steve has a job in a school. Of course, it’s all part of the show, there’s just never been a character like this. He doesn’t have many friends. And the one teacher he thought he had something with, wasn’t exactly looking to be anything more.

Coach Steve seems to be a really nice and sweet guy. He’s just so quirky. It’s no wonder the cops think he’s the ponytail murderer. I’d be suspicious of him as well. And again, we know he didn’t do it, but his strange ways don’t do him any favors.

Let’s say Coach Steve gets off free. He’s not going to understand anything that happened. Truthfully, he’s just an idiot. The character is played well though, and it’s hard to not feel bad for him sometimes.

After all the sexual jokes he probably doesn’t realize he makes, Coach Steve is just innocent. There’s not a harmful bone in his body. It’s just sad he doesn’t understand much of anything.


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