WWE: Enzo Amore’s release makes 205 Live interesting going further

Coming off a rather lackluster Raw 25th Anniversary Show, the WWE made headlines on Tuesday and it wasn’t for a good reason. According to several sites and later confirmed by the WWE website, they have released Enzo Amore after reports started to surface of possible sexual assault allegations. As of yesterday, they had suspended him until the legal process is completed. There must be significant evidence for the WWE to release Amore quickly.


He started in NXT in 2012 despite no prior background in wrestling. He teamed up with Big Cass and the two would end up being big names in the tag division. However, they ended up failing to capture the NXT Tag Title. They would finally get their call-up to the main roster on the night after Wrestlemania 32. It would end up going downhill.

Enzo and Big Cass’s partnership ended after it was revealed that Big Cass was attacking Enzo. Once Enzo would become a singles star, he dropped the card big time. He would end up joining the cruiserweight division and would become a two-time Cruiserweight champion. He is also currently holding the belt. It is also worth noting that he was getting a lot of heat backstage and it has become known that many people behind the scenes don’t like him.

Now that he is not with the company anymore and was holding the title, the WWE has a bit of a problem. For starters, I am curious to see how they mention it on TV. In addition, they need to put the title on someone. I figure the WWE will end up doing a tournament for the title.

It should be Drew Gulak going up against Cedric Alexander. Those two were the ones who were in the number one contenders match to face Enzo. Another thing to watch for is what the WWE does with the Royal Rumble match.

Ricochet was recently signed and the feeling is he will end up being in the 205 division, there might be a small shot that we see him on the main roster quicker than expected. In the revival of the cruiserweight division, it has been a bumpy ride. While WCW gets crap, they were able to book their cruiserweight individuals the right way. The WWE has pigeonholed the division and hasn’t put proper time for the fans to care passionately about the division.


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