Super Bowl LII: Could it be The Year of the Dog?

Super Bowl LII is upon us. By now, you all know it will feature the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots. The early line of the game is the Patriots by six. However, that has been the case for the Eagles since the tournament started. Even as the home team, they have been the underdog. That has never seemed to phase them. They have embraced this and moved forward with winning. Thus making Super Bowl LII the story of the true underdog.

Ever since the beginning of the season, the experts have been under the Philadelphia Eagles. Many did not even expect this team to make the playoffs. I was one of those that put them in that class. Their mission, from day one, was to prove us all wrong. Thus far, they have.

Their underdog role got even deeper after the Eagles lost the star of the team. Second-year QB Carson Wentz was well on his way to being the MVP of this league. Then, on December 10 in a game at Los Angeles, the air went out of the proverbial balloon. Wentz would be lost for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. Now with Nick Foles at QB, many left the Eagles for dead.

Foles would win two of three final regular season games. The Eagles would finish the regular season 13-3 and the best team in the NFL. Nonetheless, they would still be the underdog entering the playoffs.

As the playoffs began, the Philadelphia Eagles would stay home for Wild Card Weekend. Having the best record in football earns you that right. They would await their divisional round opponent.

When they learned that their first playoff opponent would be the Atlanta Falcons, the Eagles also learned that they would make NFL History. While it is not history on the field, history is history. The Eagles would be the first number one seed to ever be an underdog in the playoffs. They did not flinch.

Foles would lead Gang Green into battle and continue that next step towards Super Bowl LII. While Atlanta was all the opponent that the Eagles could handle, the team from Philly would don the puppy masks as the winner and move on to the NFC Championship game.

Again, the Philadelphia Eagles would be an underdog in the game. This time the opponent would be the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings were coming to Philly off one of the greatest plays in NFL Playoff History. Would they sustain that magic as a favorite?

Nick Foles, once again would lead his team into battle. This time he would leave no doubt, as to whom the best team was. As a result, the puppy masks came out in force as the Eagles and owner Jeffrey Lurie danced in the victory. Once again, the Eagles were NFC Champions.

In brief, Super Bowl LII is a story of the true underdog. The Eagles were not favored to start the season, to start the playoffs, and now to start the big game. Can the Eagles shock the world on February 4? If so, the 2017 NFL Season might just be The Year of the Dog!

Do you think the Philadelphia Eagles have a chance to win Super Bowl LII? Leave a comment below.

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