Super Bowl LII: New England Patriots – Same Story, Different Meaning

For the New England Patriots, a trip to Super Bowl LII is nothing new. They have been to the big game ten times as a franchise. Winning five of them. However, this time could be different. There is a growing sense that the dynasty is coming to end. Nonetheless, for the AFC Champion, for now, the story remains the same.

All season long, the New England Patriots are in the talk for Super Bowl LII. Yes, even after the Kansas City Chiefs destroyed them in week one the team was still favored. They never hit the panic button and continued to do what the Patriots do. Win!

Their 13-3 record tied them for the best record in the NFL. Three other teams finished with the same record, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, and their Super Bowl LII opponent the Philadelphia Eagles. However, at no point in the 2017 season were the Patriots ever out of the super talk.


While we have seen this story before, this one may have a more meaningful ending. While playing for a fallen teammate is the ultimate motivation, playing for a coach you know is leaving may just be as high. The Patriots know that they are losing their top two assistant coaches at year’s end. Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels both have head coaching gigs after the game is over. Thus giving the Patriots the motivation to let them go out on top.

While the top two assistants are out the door soon, we do not know what will happen with the rest of the staff. How much turnover will Bill Belichick have to deal with? Will any coaches under Patricia and McDaniels tag along for coordinator positions? All these questions will have to be answered in the offseason. Hence making the 2018 story different.

So while the story is the same the ending may be different. It may just hold more weight than all the others. This could be the last one or there could be more. One will never know until it happens. However, the New England Patriots and their fans may want to cherish this one.

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