Politics: The Government Shutdown is a microcosm of the Trump Presidency

As we saw this weekend, the Government was shut down. Since 1976. there have been a total of eight times where the United States Government has shut down. This will end up occurring due to the President and Congress not being able to pass appropriate legislation funding government operations and agencies. The latest is different for one reason, it will be the first time that we have seen a shutdown in the government where all parts are under one party.


Since Donald Trump has been in office, it seems that he has pissed off pretty much everyone in his path. It doesn’t matter what the party affiliation is. I find it quite interesting that as the government was making all the attempts to not have a shutdown happen, Trump is in Marlago playing golf. Now, instead of being mature people and talking about resolutions, both sides are sinking to name calling. Name calling is good if your five years old. It is not good if your grown men who are running this country. But this isn’t the first thing that Trump has failed to take responsibility.

The Washington Post had a great article in 2017 called Has Trump become the “don’t blame me” president? There could be a fair argument that this is the case. Trump is acting like the new employee at a store who has been there for some time and still doesn’t know what to do. An example of this is North Korea. It is well-known that the US and North Korea don’t see eye to eye.

With tensions already high, Trump continues to take shots at the leader of North Korea. He isn’t a president of the people, he is a president of the higher-ups. When we look at this recent Shutdown, this is a microcosm of his short run in the White House. He doesn’t like what he is getting and ends with taking the working class hostage. What I mean is, the government workers, like post office people, are not paid while the government is shut down. The longest shutdown was close to three weeks. I hope we don’t get to that point, but with most of our elected officials acting like five-year-olds, it is a possibility.


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